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Classic Nydana music notation system

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In an effort to reform music notation, Classic Nydana is here proposed as an alternative musical notation system. Instead of the traditional five-line staff, it uses staves of a different kind. Classic Nydana can be used for any musical instrument, and is especially well suited for instruments covering wide ranges, like the piano, for instance. It's suitable for any kind of musician, whether you are a beginner or at a professional level.


Key signatures and accidentals are basically the same as in traditional notation. The color of a note head, however, no longer has anything to do with note values. Instead, various stem flags yield the note value:

Whole noteHalf noteQuarter noteEighth note
wholenote halfnote quarternote eightnote

And so forth...

Black note heads are reserved for the whole-tone scale that comprises C, and white note heads belong to the whole-tone scale that comprises F. This is really helpful because it makes note heads able to convey intervals in a very consistent way. For example: major thirds and major seconds have note heads of the same color, while minor thirds and minor seconds have opposite colors.

Classic Nydana's color scheme corresponds to the 6-6 colored keyboard as shown here

The new color scheme also makes it easier to tell notes like F and F# apart, since, for example, F is always white and F# is always black. It thus makes it possible to more or less play the music without having to remember which notes should be altered according to the key signature.


If your computer cannot open the following PDF documents, then install Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe (free software).

Classic Nydana

The PDF guide to Classic Nydana. See also the Features link above, which makes references to this document.

Summer Song

Free sheet music for piano. Also provides traditional notation for comparison.

Spring Song

The MNP (Music Notation Project) has a wiki page where a specific excerpt of music, written for organ, is being represented by a number of different musical notations. The following document shows what this particular excerpt (from MacFarlane's "Spring Song") looks like in Classic Nydana.

Manuscript paper

Manuscript paper with 10 blank staves.

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