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Classic Nydana Notation is an alternative diatonic music notation system

Classic Nydana

Modulo is an alternative chromatic music notation system

Modulo Notation

Music notation related topics

Is G# different from Ab?

Nydana's accordion web site

Nydana's Accordion Resources


Nydana's Chord Symbol Notation

Chord symbol notation reform.

The Nydanalyzer

The Nydanalyzer is a cut-out model which allows the following:

Tip: If you want a smaller version of the Nydanalyzer, simply reduce the size when printing it out.

Microtonal Keyboard

A proposed microtonal keyboard whose closest relatives are the Bosanquet and Janko keyboards.

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The Music Notation Project promotes alternative music notations:


Clairnote is an alternative music notation system by Paul Morris:


Nydana is a Swedish word, meaning...

"Shape something into a new form" or "Break new ground"

The musical notation, and other music related items on this page, were brought to You by Nydana, Sweden.

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